Saturday, March 17, 2007

Would a Sustainable Expo Work in Vancouver?

Vancouver isn’t exactly making a big step towards sustainable development with its expanding commuter culture.

So having an expo that teaches Vancouver residents about sustainable development may well be in order.

The Globe Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping firms “capitalize" on the environmental movement, is planning on hosting a Sustainable Living Exposition.

Globe Foundation Vice President Nancy Wright said that she “never thought the market was quite right for” a sustainable expo in Vancouver. That is until climate change became “so important to the public.”

Saying both these statements in the same breath as: “people that live in Vancouver are inclined to be proactive in protecting the environment,” demonstrates the disconnection between the perceived and actual reality in Vancouver.

Were or were not Vancouver residents concerned about protecting the environment when the Globe Foundation decided not to host the event?

A Sustainable Living Expo sounds great. But the Globe Foundation seems to be missing the point with its Ethical, Progressive, Intelligent, Consumer Exposition (EPIC) under the guise of a sustainable expo.

EPIC is nothing but another forum where businesses learn how to tailor their products to a market. Instead of buying more ‘green’ stuff, consumers should be buying less. Period.

I know, it’s better to buy green than not. What’s missing from EPIC, however, is the ‘learning about living sustainably’ part that many Vancouver residents need.

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